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What is Corporate Photography?

 Ask any public relations personnel and they will tell you that photos are the best tool to enhance any organization’s image and branding. A corporate photoshoot is one of the most crucial components of the company. These photos are usually taken for a company’s website, press kit, internal/external newsletter, and even social media sites.


Below are some tips on how you can go about planning a corporate photoshoot.

  1. Know the Purpose of the Photoshoot

Check with marketing or public relations departments what the photos will be used for. For instance, will it be used for the company’s website? Or will it be used for industrial news articles, brochures, or social media?

The concept of your photoshoot should be tailored to its purpose. If it is about the company’s culture, then you should probably go with a fun shot. If it is for an industrial news site, then you would probably want a more formal shot or an in-business-action picture. If you are unsure of what concept you should go along with, consult your corporate photographer.


  1. Do a Test Shot

A test shot refers to photographs that are taken before a photoshoot to determine the correct exposure, depth of field, and lighting levels that are required for the final images. Whether you choose to engage a photographer or take the photo yourself, determining the technicalities beforehand will help you save time during the shoot.

Time is crucial for any business, so you only have that limited time to take the best shot. Furthermore, gathering key people in your organisation or the entire staff is a challenging task. It will be a nightmare if the shoot does not turn out well due to technicalities and you have to arrange another photoshoot session again. Well the good news is, this mistake is easily avoidable if you do a test shot.


  1. Meet Your Professional Photographer

You can skip this point if you are not engaging a professional photographer.

One of the biggest mistakes in most photoshoots is clients meeting up with their photographers only on the day of the shoot. You should meet up with your photographers beforehand to ensure that both of you are on the same page.

Remember to check with your photographers for the usage of images. You have to clearly indicate that you are seeking for a work made for hire contract, which gives your company the rights to the photos without crediting the photographer. By clearly communicating this with the photographer, it will avoid any misunderstandings in the future, and allow them to quote you appropriately.

If you are doing your shoot outside, remember to visit the location with your photographers to do a test shoot. This will help to determine the feasibility of the shoot and also if there are any other equipment needed to conduct the shoot.

  1. Notify the People Involved in the Photoshoot.

It is hard to organize a timing that fits everyone. Make sure you tell all the staff involved in advance. Give them the time, date, duration, and purpose of the shoot so that they can plan their work schedules around the shoot. Most importantly, inform them of the attire they should be in. Don’t forget to contact the building management to inform them about the photoshoot so that the photo-taking session can go on smoothly without any interruptions from cleaning or construction.

  1. Arrive Earlier Than the Scheduled Photoshoot Timing

It is good for the photographers to arrive earlier than the photoshoot timing to set up the equipment and gears needed for the shoot. This will help to save time and ensure a smooth operation of the photoshoot.

It would be great too if you get the people needed for the shoot to arrive early. It will help to reduce waiting time and increase effectiveness.

So there you have it! These tips we have mentioned will definitely help you ensure that your photoshoot goes smoothly. There are many ways that you can approach your corporate photos. It does not have to be limited to an office background or a studio white background. We did not really touch on the style in this post, but if you want tips on how to come up with creative ideas for a corporate photoshoot, you might want to check out our other posts.

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