Corporate Portrait

What is Corporate Portrait?

If you like showing people what you’re like in the office or what you do while at work, then Corporate Portraiture (also known as Environmental Portraits) is for you. A Corporate Portrait brings context to your pictures and can be shot in different compositions to capture your surroundings, which are usually your workplace or work environment. Corporate Portraits are also done either in groups or individually, which may also include capturing the key people in an organization.


Not to be confused with Corporate Headshots, Corporate Portraits are similar in that they allow industry professionals to recognize you, and put you in the best light possible. However, that’s where the similarities end.


Click here to read up on the difference between a Corporate Portrait and a Corporate Headshot.


A Corporate Portrait has a story to tell. These images showcase your personality traits and give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to be in your world. They also give your photographers a chance to get creative with photo elements, styling, and even lighting. As a result, Corporate Portraits require a little bit more planning and creativity than a “straight-faced” Corporate Headshot.


Corporate Portraits are commonly used for:

  • Company websites
  • LinkedIn/Social Media Profiles
  • Advertising materials
  • Press kits
  • Corporate brochures and catalogs/Newsletters
  • Company annual reports
  • Print media
  • Social media


Having a well-taken Corporate Portrait could really make you or your company stand out, enhance your brand image, or show your peers and clients that you’re approachable and trustworthy!


How do I prepare for a Corporate Portrait?

So much thought and preparation are put into this type of photography as they’re usually for big companies that require their employees to take time out for a corporate shoot. However, it’s really worth it once you see the end result!


If you’d like to arrange a Corporate Portrait photoshoot, here’re some tips on how to plan and prepare:


  • Determine its purpose. It’s important to know what these Corporate Portraits are going to be used for and to identify your target audience. Speak with your company’s marketing/public relations departments for greater clarity on the subject, which will then help you in crafting the creative concept for the Corporate Portrait shoot.
  • Come up with a concept. After you get an idea of what your Corporate Portraits are going to be used for, it’ll be easier to come up with a creative concept for the shoot that will help to put your brand or company in a good light. This will also determine your shoot location, photo edits, and lighting. Some concepts can even be in black and white, which adds a little allure to your Corporate Portrait.
  • Meet with your photographer. We can’t stress how important this is! You’ve got to communicate your needs clearly to your photographer so that the shoot can run smoothly without any hiccups. If the shoot is on location, he/she would like to pay a visit to plan the shoot.
  • Inform early! If this shoot involves your entire company, you’d want to set a date so that everyone can come. Be sure to brief your team on the flow of events so that they’re better prepared for the shoot.
  • Come up with a color scheme for your attire. Blues, blacks, and greys are the colors of choice for company Corporate Portraits. It isn’t a hard-and-fast rule though, as color schemes can also be chosen to match a company or brand’s logo color. Colour schemes ensure that colors don’t clash while portraying a sense of uniformity and unity across the board. If it’s a solo shoot, make sure your outfit complements your surroundings. That includes your shoes and accessories.


On personal styling for the shoot, borrow a few tips from our Corporate Headshot  article on how you can look your best for your Corporate Portrait.


How do I pose for a Corporate Portrait?

If it’s your first time posing for a Corporate Portrait, it can seem daunting, but don’t fret! Make use of these tips to look your best.


  • It’s all about the angles! Everyone has a side they favor while taking photos. Prior to the shoot, identify the “more attractive” side of your face, and use it your advantage. Practice your poses and facial expressions in the mirror and remember; you never want to be facing the camera directly.
  • Lead with your forehead. If you’re doing a shoot where you’re not looking directly at the camera, this simple rule can help to make your poses and expressions more natural and pushes your face slightly forward towards the camera.
  • Beware of your chin! Sometimes, the position of the camera can make it look like you have a double chin when you don’t. This neat trick from suggests imagining that you’re holding an orange underneath your chin. This way, it creates space between your chin and neck. Goodbye double chin!
  • Shoulders back, chest out. If you find yourself slouching, sit up! When you have good posture, it shows that you’re a confident professional who means business.
  • Be mindful of your hands. It’s totally normal to be nervous, but keep in mind where you place your hands. Do some research on how different subjects conduct their hand placement and practice it prior to the shoot. Go for what looks the most natural and comfortable for you.
  • Have a sense of spatial awareness. In group Corporate Portraits, it’s good to always check with your photographer if you’re too close or too far away from the person beside, in front of or behind you.
  • Make use of your props. If you’ve got props to play with, great! They’re a fun way to spruce up Corporate Portraits and are mostly used by creative agencies, but whoever said businessmen don’t like to party?
  • Relax and have fun! Your company Corporate Portrait shoot is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to take a breather from work during office hours. Put on some music or get some refreshments ready to help everyone relax! (As long as it doesn’t distract your photographer!)



What makes a good Corporate Portrait?

Have a look at what makes a good Corporate Portrait, which will help you in deciding on your concept. They’ll also help while you’re communicating with your photographer and managing your expectations on the outcome of the shoot.  These elements are what goes into making a good Corporate Portrait, making it the beautiful masterpiece that it is.


  • A good location. Whether it’s in the office or the studio, photographers usually have a few sample portraits for you to take a look at. This is so you get a feel of what your Corporate Portraits will look like and allow you to decide which location and style would better suit you or your brand image. These may include the great outdoors too, just be sure to let your photographer know!
  • Lighting that hits the spot. Lighting and exposure can play huge roles here. They determine your mood! If you want your company to come off as a bright and happy place, that same emotion needs to be expressed in your Corporate Portrait.
  • Well-thought-out blocking and levels. Now, when we say blocking and levels, we don’t mean the different floors of a building. We mean the position in which each person stands in. This is crucial as it separates your group Corporate Portrait from a group shot at a party. People of varying heights may be placed together, some may be standing or sitting, or even grouped according to their departments.


Getting a decent Corporate Portrait


That’s an easy one – give us a call! Here at Pikture, we’re all highly trained in the art of the Corporate Portrait, with our years of experience in Corporate Photography.


However, if your business is just starting up and you can’t find the resources to hire a professional, try experimenting with a professional digital camera! If it’s just you, make use of these great tips on getting a decent Corporate Portrait.


  • Follow the preparation steps mentioned above. Be sure to know exactly what you want and create a mood board of images for yourself if it helps. You’ll probably need a friend to help you with shooting the photos if you’re doing this alone!
  • Make your lighting as natural and realistic as possible.
  • A good composition of your background and foreground.
  • The wider, the better. (Remember, it’s not a headshot!)
  • The light should be in front of or beside you. Never behind!
  • Try to focus on the eyes.
  • No wide-angle lenses! They’re prone to image distortion.
  • Have a relaxed/happy facial expression.


If you’d like for your Corporate Portraits to stand out among the crowd, drop us an email or give us a call to see how we can meet your needs. For more photography tips, check out our blog.