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Why Should You Hire a Professional Photographer

Many people who just started an online business don’t consider professional photography services as a necessity. However, professional photography is crucial to help you produce good images of your products or services, especially since these images will help you create a good first impression for potential clients.

To help you get ahead of the competition, you need to impress your clients with good quality images that help to present your brand well. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional photographer.

Here are how professional photographers can help you with different forms of photography.


You and Your Brand

Great photos for your business don’t come cheap. You are not simply paying for photos, you are paying for experience, time, gears, and skills. However, many businesses prefer to find cheaper services or alternatives without acknowledging all those factors. Sometimes, their choices lead them into getting images of lesser qualities. If you are looking for someone who can take head shots and product photos that will represent your brand, try considering the quality of your images rather than the fees you have to pay. In the world of marketing, your brand is the first thing you need to worry about. Trust us. You can never go wrong with investing in good photography!


Product Photography

Quality images provide visual representation of your products. These images serve as a substitute for customers who cannot examine your products up close and should be able to communicate to potential audiences effectively.

Remember: better images = better sales!

Hiring a professional photographer will also allow you to enhance the features of your products. They can also utilise various ways to make up for imperfections in images during post productions.

A good example can be seen in food photography. Professional photographers can help you make your food look more delicious in a still image. Take a look at McDonald’s campaign materials. Even the salads in their ads look enticing.

good product image take by professional photographerA McDonald advertisement

Think about the features of your products that you want to enhance. These features could include patterns, textures, colours, or even small details. This is especially important for online business as profits are more than likely to be directly proportional to image quality. A professional photographer can definitely help you achieve this with the right approach.


Tips on Hiring a Professional Photographer

Now that you have seen the advantages of hiring a professional photographer, let us tell you some factors that you need to consider before making your decisions.

  • Think of Portfolios as Guides

Any professional photographers will always have a portfolio that showcases their previous projects. These collections of images will help clients to determine the skills of the photographers—both in production and postproduction. Sometimes, this portfolio can help you gage whether the vision of their brand matches with the personal style of said photographers.

  • Communication is Key

If a photographer is not responsive to your queries on more than one occasion, it is a red flag and must be avoided. Make sure to work with someone who has a good work ethic, someone who is responsive and attentive to your needs. A photographer who understands clients ask a lot of questions about the images required for the job. It helps both you and the photographers to be on the same page. You can even ask for test shots to see if said photographers can effectively capture the vision of your brand.

The images should represent the brand itself

Tips in Hiring a Professional Photographer
Opening an online business is easier nowadays. In fact, more and more people are starting businesses at the comfort of their homes. If you’re one of these people, you definitely need a photographer to take pictures of your products, services, and of course, your brand. On the other hand, there are some things that you need to consider before you make your decision.
You’re Looking for a “Problem Solver”, not an Artist
Hobbyist photographers could be considered as artists. However, product photographers tend to be like “problem solvers” to their clients. This is because they face a lot of challenges when it comes to making any product look great in an image – this is what product photographers try to solve.

Images should be able to show detail of fine products

Think of Portfolios as Guides
Professional photographers will always have a portfolio that showcases their previous projects. These collections of images allow their clients to know the things they can do, both in photography and post-processing. On the other hand, it’s not practical to look for the images you need in someone’s portfolio. You must understand that those images solved someone else’s problems, not yours.

Communication is Key
If a photographer isn’t responsive to your inquiries, it’s a red flag and must be avoided. Make sure to work with a professional – someone who’s responsive, especially when you decide to work together. A photographer who understands clients asks a lot of questions about the images required for the job. You can even ask for test shots and see whether or not they can solve the “problems” you have.

Emotion and feel should be conveyed through the imageEmotions should be conveyed through the image.

  • Be Open with Your Budget

Professional photographers often try to work with clients that have budget concerns. For instance, if you cannot afford studio fees, they will most likely shoot on location to cut costs.

Since photographers have many ways to solve budget-related problems, it is best to get quotes from photographers and hire someone that works best with your budget.

  • Photographers specialise in Various Subjects

You should know that not all photographers are the same. There are some who capture amazing portrait photography, and others who specialise on landscape photography. There are even photographers who only take pictures of birds! (They are called “birders”)

You need to know what kind of photographers you are talking to. If you are looking for someone to take images of your products, look for photographers who specialise in product photography!

What about stock images? Is it better to use those instead of hiring a professional photographer? While stock images can be used for E-commerce purposes, you must know that these images can also be used by others. Imagine getting a stock photo for your website, only to find that another business is also using the same images for marketing purposes. Talk about awkward!


Choose Wisely

You can always learn photography to cut costs for your business. However, it is not an easy task especially when your business is already in full swing. Time is money! Why waste your time to learn a new skill from scratch when you can leave it to the professional to deal with? That way, you can focus on what really matters—your business.

Choose the best photographer that suits your needs and your budget. Choose someone who can translate your abstract concepts into visual images that will convey your messages to your potential customers. Think hard and choose wisely!

Images speaks a thousand words, is this sunrise or sunset?
Images speaks a thousand words, is this sunrise or sunset?


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